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Fishing Off Lake Erie - Cold Fall Day

Fishing Off Lake Erie – Cold Fall Day

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Being homeless, or at risk for homelessness, is one of the most difficult things a person can face.  Lacking the security of knowing where you’ll sleep at night, having no place to keep your belongings, and not having the ability to care For yourself and possibly your family can lead to stress, anger, a sense of shame, depression and physical discomfort, it can be hard to find employment, live a satisfying life, or do the things you want to when you are homeless. There are many circumstances that can lead to homelessness.  Some Veterans become homeless due to a combination of housing shortage and high unemployment. Other veterans may be dealing with painful memories or health issues and have little access to health care or support from family and friends.  This may lead them to feel as though they have nowhere else to go but the streets. In some cases, what seemed like a temporary lack of a place to stay becomes permanent.  In other cases, Veterans who are homeless move from shelter to shelter because they don’t know where else to go.
We are here to serve our heroes and families by assisting with housing and benefit needs…. Founded:

The Cleveland Veteran housing  was founded in 2012, and is committed to provide quality services to  Veterans and the general Public.  Located in and serving the Greater Cleveland Area

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